Ankur Rajpara and Jonathan Allen

We wanted to create a space for people to sit down with their friends in a fun, relaxed style to enjoy real Neapolitan pizza with a glass of wine and conversation. There are no “gourmet” pretensions, just honest, Neapolitan pizza prepared the same way it’s been done since the 1800s.

Our Process

Pizza CS was born between two friends, Ankur and Jon, who share a love for pizza and the warmth and culture of small, traditional Pizzerias.

Originally with a background in marketing, Ankur was determined to bring Neapolitan pizza to Maryland. In 2009, he dove into the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) training to begin learning how to create certifiably authentic Neapolitan pizza. He has visited Naples many times to immerse himself in the pizzerias and culture, while continuing to develop his skill and techniques back home. In 2014, Ankur returned to Naples and is now a certified member of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani.

Jon cultivated his passion for hospitality and service over 15 years in the restaurant industry, starting as a busser and working his way up to regional manager for a group of lounge-restaurants. Using his creativity and instincts, Jon helped kickstart the Pizza CS concept by envisioning a pizzeria in the traditional style, with an American penchant for quick service, fun, and design.

Culinary Consultant: Samuel Hutchinson