Traditional Neapolitan dough consists of only 4 ingredients: water, finely milled Italian 00 flour, fresh yeast, and sea salt – never any added oil or sugar.

    The dough is then worked by hand or in a gentle mixer, and left to rise. Once ready, the dough can only be stretched by hand when preparing a pizza – never with the help of a rolling pin or mechanical processes.

    The signature of a Neapolitan pizza is it’s puffy cornicione or crust and thin center. It should be soft and pliable, with a slightly crispy and flame-singed exterior.


    Growing from the volcanic soils around Mt. Vesuvius in the Valle del Sarno, San Marzano tomatoes are considered the finest in the world by many chefs.

    Like fine wine, these San Marzano tomatoes are given a special status of D.O.P., which indicates that they have taken on distinct and exquisite characteristics from their growing region.

    These tomatoes are known for their bold flavor, that is both sweet and low on acidity. They are simply crushed and seasoned with sea salt to create the perfect Neapolitan sauce.


    Mozzarella is the cheese of Italy. Italians invented it more than four centuries ago and have been perfecting it ever since.

    Two types of Mozzarella cheese are used: Mozzarella di Bufala is a special cheese made from the milk of the water buffalo.

    It’s very creamy and slightly tangy, while rich in protein, fat, and minerals.The other, Fior di Latte or cow’s milk fresh mozzarella is slightly sweeter and firmer in texture.

    Both types of cheese are right at home on Neapolitan pizzas, perfectly melting in the oven and imparting their rich flavors.


    Brick ovens are almost as old as history itself, being used for thousands of years.

    Neapolitan brick ovens are known for for their low interior dome design and solid 5000lb construction from Vesuvian materials.

    These ovens are designed to withstand a constant 900 degree heat, fueled by wood.

    Traditional Neapolitan pizzas are rotated in the oven by the pizzaiolo or pizzamaker and are perfectly cooked in under 90 seconds.